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One size doesn’t fit all! IKV believes in the concept of delivering the best education with a personal touch.

Scientific approaches, hands-on experience, emphasis on understanding the concepts are the key elements of teaching-learning process. Learning outcomes specify the knowledge, understanding, application, skills and attitudes that are essential to be acquired by students in schools. These are articulated as competency-based learning outcomes that are aligned with the objectives of the curriculum, pedagogical processes and assessment standards. The measurements of learning outcomes undertaken through assessments are both qualitative and quantitative in nature.

We ensure a holistic development of our students through continuous, comprehensive, joyful and meaningful learning to a new or modified practice using technology that supports any part of the educational ecosystem.

Indira Krishna Vidyashala

Three Steps to Success

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Handpicked, experienced, most dedicated, loving, caring, selfless light houses who would leave a positive and life long impression on our students’ minds and hearts.

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Co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities help students express the knowledge they gain in action, see the impact of what they learnt and to realize the power they harness.

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Sports and games involve expressing all they learn with their body and mind. An opportunity to discover control and power of their body and mind, training on specific sports could open up the career vista for our students.