IKV provides well-ventilated classrooms with aptly furnished desks and seats for creating an atmosphere conducive to learning.


A full-fledged library with age-appropriate reading material available in both physical and digital forms covering all genre of books as prescribed by the board.

Sports and Games

An expansive playground is used for required physical exercise and various games-Football, Volleyball, Cricket, Kho-kho, Kabaddi etc., for the overall development of a sound body.

Computer/IT Lab

The computer lab is equipped to cater to all the segments-junior, senior to develop IT skills as a part of the curriculum.

Digital Board

To infuse technology for an integrated teaching-learning experience the digiboards are made available with modules to suit all the age groups.


AI is the new age technology skills that is essential to combat the needs of the future and IKV hasn’t left any stone unturned to keep abreast of the times to provide the required knowledge through Robotics as a part of progressive learning.


School transport is equipped as per the government’s norms with GPS system for tracking along with two helpers on board for the safety of the students.

Science Labs

Science labs are designed and equipped with the required materials for students to perform experiments to gain the hands-on experiential knowledge.

Math Lab

A state of the art Math-Lab is set up for the students to make the subject more interesting and a joyful learning.

A Multipurpose Hall

Call it a prayer hall or performing stage, a multipurpose hall provides the right environment to conduct various activities for all occasions.

Sound Security System

To make the students feel safe in the school environment CCTV has been fixed at strategic points for 24/7 guarding and vigilance.