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Education=Future.’ If you think education is expensive, then try ignorance -Derek Bok’.
Our aim is to provide holistic growth for all our students and hence academic and co-curricular activities are given equal importance. In-house flow of activities is encouraged to build the students confidence and competitive spirit.
The House system at IKV [Prithvi, Vayu, Agni, Akash] provides students with opportunities to develop many aspects of their growth academically, culturally, socially and enable them to exercise collective thinking and dependability. The performance of every student adds to the House Point System, and the winning house will be rewarded. Our house system is designed to play an integral role in encouraging students to gain team building and leadership.


  • To inculcate leadership traits through multiple activities.
  • To create a strong peer support system across the school.
  • To create a healthy competition and develop sportsman spirit.
  • To expand campus relationships beyond just their class rooms.
  • To excel not only in academics but also in personal & social development.
  • Points System to encourage students to participate, contribute and excel in all aspects of student life.

Our House System