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Each one of us wish to stand out as keen and curious observers; to confidently face the world with better understanding of our actions and the results they bear.

IKV has well qualified and trained faculty as prescribed by the CBSE board. Our teachers are our strength. With their commitment and hard work they prepare for innovative and thought provoking modules to train and facilitate our potential students to face the challenges while not losing their human touch.

IKV is adept to the new normal of conducting the online classes.

Our school believes in the tri-pact between the students, teachers and the parents for an outstanding student outcome. Hence we encourage our parents involvement to support their ward in all the activities for the students overall development. Together, the teachers, parents and students build a harmonious environment for a cohesive community.

To encourage our students to pursue their interests in the fields of their choice, we offer various club activities which will involve student’s participation and contribution designed for all round the year projects with a purposeful outcome.

A-Science Club: Creativity, innovation, experimentation, exploration and curiosity will be the key skills focused to be attained.

B-Math Club: Time management, conceptualization and application will form the end results of this club.

C-Literary Club: LSRW skills will be main focus alongside imagination, visualization, creativity shall be the collateral outcomes.

D-Cultural Club: Bringing out Talent, Expression, Performance, Understanding of the culture and to imbibe, accept and take it forward for life.

Campus Information

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IKV Vision

Sarveshaam Shreshta Shikshanam – to provide the best education for all, a timeless thought that will outlive humanity’s existence.

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IKV Mission

Strive to guide our students in the right direction of evolution, achievement, and progress, through a lens of collective thinking.

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IKV Goals

Grooming every IKVian through application based active learning and value based education into upstanding members of the society, who are equipped and ready to face the challenges of tomorrow.

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Our Philosophy

At IKV, the importance of curiosity, discipline, patience, balance, and respect, the quintessential ingredients of being human are imbibed to live as secure and vibrant communities


Phases through light

Based on the teachings of Swami Vivekananda, our educational philosophy makes students incorporate through different aspects of human development through light.



The curiosity of the lens allows you to see some of the most amazing elements of nature clearly. We encourage IKVians to carry lens everywhere and explore the beauty of nature.



A ray of light from a prism enables it to illuminate into a rainbow and this is how we build a student to learn to inhabit the world.



We enable students to see through the mirror, reflection of their own self beauty.